TR Turcademy - About Us

Turcademy, is an innovative e-book platform developed by Informascope in Turkey and aims to gather all high quality Turkish academic content on one single digital platform.Turcademy is a single point digital access media for academicians, researchers and students and contributes to e-book publishing for Turkey.

Informascope, has vast amount of collaboration expertise with global scientific publishers and hence the experience and knowledge gained from these partnership and successful project benchmarks formed the development frame of Turcademy and it will strongly support digital publishing initiatives for the academic markets in Turkey. Initial phase of Turcademy included more than 2000 e-books whereas several other Turkish publishers' content will continue to be delivered on the platform. It is expected that total number of books will reach 20,000 by the end of 2017.

Design, technical infrastructure and development of Turcademy as a full text scientific data base has been accomplished by local engineers and second phase of the project will include academic journals published in Turkey with high quality content and impact.

Innovations from Turcademy:

  • More than 2,000 ebooks from the Turkey's leading academic publishers
  • Extensive subject coverage :Art & Humanities, Social Sciences, Behavioral Sciences, Science, Technology, Medicine and many more
  • Improved search algorithm
  • Live user support interface
  • Usage statics meeting global standards provided per user and per institution
  • Continuous platform development to meet users' needs